2023 MGA 2 Man Combined Net 2023-06-10


2023 MGA 2 Man Combined Net for 2023-06-10

“MGA - 2-Man Combined Net”

Saturday, June 10th

2nd 20 Mile Cup Qualifier ($60 One Time Fee for Players looking to try to qualify)


Lake / Valley Tee Times @ 8:00am

Combined NET


Max 128 players (32 Groups)

2-Man PYOT

5 Flights (Based on Total Team Index)

Flight Order 1-5


100% Handicaps

Black (1), Flex (2), Blue (3&4), Blue/White (5), White (6)


Rule of 75 applies



5 Net per Flight (can change based on total # of tournament participants)


Cash Game: $30 Net Team Skins


Note: If you are planning on playing by Rule of 75, please add that in the comments when signing up.


Signups open May 24th at 6AM.

The "Soft" Close (on ForeTees) is June 3rd at Midnight.

Note: No player substitutions will be permitted after this date and you MUST email Mark Curry gmcurry@gmail.com  (cc Kim Walter kwalter@thepinerycc.com) before the "Hard" Close Deadline to either request to be added or removed from the tournament.

The "Hard" (AND FINAL) Close is June 6th at Midnight.

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