Couples & Co-Ed

The Pinery offers numerous opportunities for couples to take part in friendly competition for golfers of all playing levels, including:

Couples Trifecta

  • 1-couple teams. Flighted
  • 18 holes. 6 holes of Best Ball, 6 holes of Scramble, 6 holes of Scotch

Couples Club Championship

  • 1-couple teams. Flighted. 36 holes (18 holes per day). Modified gross & net scoring.
  • First round: Chapman Scotch
  • Second round: Aggregate (both balls)

Couples Dual Scrambles

  • 2-couple PYOP teams. Flighted.
  • 18 holes. Two 2-player Scrambles. All 4 players tee off, divide into 2-player teams before a second shot is hit, select 2 drives and play two scrambles until both balls are holed. If a player selects their drive, they must play that ball. Teams may change each hole.

Couples Two Couple Best Ball

  • 2-couple PYOP teams. Flighted.
  • 18 holes. Best Ball (one net best ball from the women and one net best ball from the men on each hole)

Co-Ed Derby

  • Co-Ed Derby’s are a great way to spend a Friday evening in a fun, low-key, social golf atmosphere.
  • Open to adult Pinery golf members with an established USGA handicap. Guests may be admitted 30 min prior to the start time on a space available basis.
  • Format: 4 player Scotch, ABCD Blind Draw, Mountain Course (holes 1, 2, 8 & 9), a number of teams will be eliminated each hole until a winner is determined. Teams may determine starting batting order.

Glow Golf

They say the fun happens after the sun goes down. Join us for our notable couples glow golf tournament as we light up the course!